About Academy

About Academy

Satyam Academy Institute of Technology is one of the most profound and swingeing institutes that offer immaculate technical infrastructure. We have experienced and skilled faculty that is sharing its valuable experience and skills with the future geniuses with us. We are committed to serve our students with the best always.


Here you will get variety of courses with an assurance of complete satisfaction either it is the matter of study or life changing opportunities in career. This institute provides industrial training program based on remarkable engineering methodology and principles, best industrial practices etc. We want to educate each and every man and woman who deserves and carries a will to do something big in this field.




We want to train all those people who are willing to earn their name in this field. With the assistance of our training programs we make our students skilled so that they may stand well on the expectations of challenging and changing global scenario. We are the first institute in India that are providing training to students in specialized field like safety and construction engineering, pipeline etc. Our courses are designed to provide the practical preparation to our students. Either it is a professional or a fresher we have designed our courses to provide equal chances to both for improving their skills.




We want to make each and every individual skilled and educated. Our training program can help those individuals who are willing to make their name with their quality work. There are several courses on offer and you can elect as per your choice and requirement. Passed out students from our institute have established themselves in well known industries in India and in abroad as well.


You can also make your way to our institute if you are eager to make a bright career further.